May 02, 2012
greeeeat site
wow this really helps

Apr 22, 2012
My advice
  • "Start early. It takes a lot of time and effort to be prepared to deal with all the coaches' calls and visits. Be patient and enjoy the process. Remember that the school you choose should be the right one for you not only for the sport you are choosing to play but also for the right academic fit."

Apr 22, 2012
Stay focussed

"Never give up and know that if your first choice does not come through, there is always another school that will see your talents. Always stay true to yourself and your dreams."

Apr 22, 2012
Thanks for the contacts

"The letters to the coaches gave me the opportunity to communicate with some schools and get my name out there. It was very helpful in getting the ball rolling in my personal recruiting process and made it a lot easier. I also had help from my coaches but footballgeni definitely helped a lot."

Apr 16, 2012
The best soccer website!!!

The best soccer website!!! The best soccer website!!! The best soccer website!!!

May 02, 2011
The best soccer website in the World!!!

I'm so happy that I found footballgeni.com. Not only has it helped me to find a coach to improve my play but it's also helped me to find an agent who has just landed me a contract with a 1st div club in England.

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