The team

Footballgeni is a webportal designed to connect & promote everybody in the football or soccer industry. The team behind the website have had over 30 years experience in the football World, and have covered all aspects from playing in the English Premier league to managing players careers.

We all know how difficult it is for an athlete to make it to the top, not only does it take a great amount of dedication and talent but it also depends on how large a network they have, not to mention how well they promote themselves.

Thats where we come in...
After more than 6 years researching the internet trying to find a website that combined facebook with a football portal, it became apparent that one didn't exist.
Thats when the idea came to mind to make a website that would help people connect with others and promote themselves in a professional and easy way. In 2012 and after 1 year of preperation, footballgeni was launched.

Now football Players, Agents, Scouts, Coaches & Accademies, are able to contact and socially network with each other, and at the same time market their talent or abilities to a Worldwide audience.

Welcome to the team!

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